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Healthy Pumpkin Spice Muffins Recipe

If you love flavorful baked goodies, but also want to keep your diet light, healthy, and gluten-free, then this recipe with pumpkin spice is perfect for you. The mild pumpkin puree is the secret ingredient that adds goodness to your guilt-free dessert!…

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The Truth About Supplements - blog post featured image

The Truth About Supplements

Think you have a healthy diet and do not need supplements? Dietary supplements can be used to correct vitamin and mineral deficiencies that you are not getting via your daily diet. But how do you choose the right supplements?

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The Rise of Adaptogenic Supplements

Adaptogenic supplements are the natural option to support the balance of your inner functions, help you cope better with stress and anxiety, keep your energy levels high, and help you rest well at night. How do they do all these? By identifying your body’s needs and regulating its functions, hormones, moods, and systems in order to reduce the negative effects that stressors have on health.

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Cozy Up With a Hot Christmassy Drink

If you’re looking for a way to warm up your days in the cold season, we’ll show you how to make some festive drinks packed with Christmas spices and plant-based goodness. Whether you prefer a creamy non-caffeinated latte, a vegan golden milk, or even a non-alcoholic mulled wine…

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