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Nature, Beauty, and Sustainable Art – Jewelry Artist Ana Barbu

Sustainable art seeks to minimise the negative impact that art-making has on the environment, and often incorporates eco-friendly materials, alternative energy sources, and upcycling techniques. Sustainable art also raises awareness of environmental issues and encourages people to think critically about their own impact on the planet…

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Unique and Thoughtful Christmas Gift Ideas

This year, ditch the store-bought presents and opt for something homemade! It’s more personal, memorable, and you can be sure that no one else will have anything like it. Check out these ideas that you can offer as they are or combine as part of a bigger present:…

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Easter Eggs – The Symbol of Rebirth

Talent, creativity, and meticulousness are just a few of the skills required to pursue the ancient art of decorating eggs – the centrepiece of the Easter table. The technique, as well as the symbolism of the colours and traditional patterns are taught and passed on from generation to generation. The painted eggs – a result of hours of work – elicit admiration, …

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The Atlas of Beauty – A Celebration of Women in the World

Mihaela Noroc has photographed thousands of women in almost 100 countries. Her project “The Atlas of Beauty” is a collection of portraits and stories celebrating beauty in diversity – proof that beauty comes from within, can be found anywhere in the world, and goes beyond what the media prescribes as the standard…

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