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The Truth About Supplements

Think you have a healthy diet and do not need supplements? Dietary supplements can be used to correct vitamin and mineral deficiencies that you are not getting via your daily diet. But how do you choose the right supplements?

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Cozy Up With a Hot Christmassy Drink

If you’re looking for a way to warm up your days in the cold season, we’ll show you how to make some festive drinks packed with Christmas spices and plant-based goodness. Whether you prefer a creamy non-caffeinated latte, a vegan golden milk, or even a non-alcoholic mulled wine…

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Top 7 Adaptogenic Plants and Mushrooms for Your Inner Balance

In today’s world, stress is a serious issue that negatively impacts our happiness and health. But what if there were a healthy, natural approach to deal with stress? Luckily, there is! The answer can be found in adaptogens – chemical compounds present in some plants and mushrooms that support the body’s…

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How to Upgrade Your Recipes With Organic Powders

Whether you need wild blueberries harvested on the cleanest mountains, exotic pitaya, or seaweed grown in the purest waters, you can have them all at hand ready to be used in amazing recipes. If you are looking for a convenient way to enjoy some of the most nutritious…

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Pretty in Pink – The Secrets of Pitaya

Pink pitaya is an exotic fruit that gives your meals a burst of brightness with its **insta-perfect** vibrant pink. But its beauty goes beyond the eye-catching colour – this tropical health booster has several advantages for your liver, immunity, and general health. So, incorporating it…

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