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L-Lysine: The Vital Nutrient for Energy, Immunity, and Wellness

L-Lysine: The Vital Nutrient for Energy, Immunity, and Wellness

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A crucial component of our body serving as an energy source as well as a protective shield: this is the true potency of L-Lysine. It is an important amino acid that is a fundamental base for our defense system. It’s more than a common nutrient – it’s a health superhero that enters our cells deeply to promote growth, repair injuries, and protect us from viruses. In terms of wellness, L-Lysine keeps our body strong and vibrant. So, let’s celebrate this powerful molecule that keeps us energetic, healthy, and strong!

What is L-Lysine and how does it support health?

This essential amino acid plays a crucial role in numerous body functions, providing various benefits during lifetime

It is vital for proper growth, making it an important element in children’s diet. According to scientific studies, children might even need it in larger quantities than adults.

L-Lysine is also a key factor in the production of carnitine, which converts fatty acids into the everyday energy needed for active adults with a dynamic lifestyle. 

Thanks to its ability to promote wound healing and collagen formation, it provides structure to skin and bones, which helps to prevent osteoporosis – a common condition in older women. As a bonus, it may also help with muscle loss and enhance strength!

If you exercise regularly or participate in any sports, it’s good to know that L-Lysine can boost athletic performance by aiding muscle recovery from stress. 

When you are going through a challenging period, and especially if you generally suffer from stress and anxiety, this substance can reduce cortisol levels and may even help control symptoms of schizophrenia

It also serves as an anti-inflammatory agent, may help to reduce blood pressure, and could protect against the consequences of diabetes.

Studies have shown that supplementation with L-Lysine has helped people who are dealing with hair problems. Present in the hair’s root, this essential amino acid is also responsible for desirable rich hair volume and shine.

L-Lysine plays a key role in creating collagen, reducing wrinkles, and increasing skin elasticity, hydration, and moisture
L-Lysine plays a key role in creating collagen, reducing wrinkles, and increasing skin elasticity, hydration, and moisture

The Medical Medium talks about L-Lysine

It inhibits pathogens

The Medical Medium provides us with a detailed list of conditions which can be improved by ensuring a proper intake of L-Lysine.

According to him, this amino acid enters the liver and wards off microorganisms that can cause – and worsen – autoimmune diseases and liver disease. It is effective against pathogens, particularly those belonging to the herpetic family, which includes Epstein-Barr, shingles, HHV-6, HHV-7, HHV-10, HHV-11, HHV-12, HHV13, HHV-14, HHV-15, and HHV-16. In other words, L-Lysine can prevent them from multiplying.

This amino acid functions as an anti-inflammatory for the entire nervous system by suppressing and lowering the pathogen load, particularly the type affecting the central nervous system and the vagus and phrenic nerves which are targeted by neurotoxins generated by shingles, EBV, and other bugs.

Moreover, it also supports the immune system and helps the liver with some of its most vital functions.

L-Lysine is beneficial for a variety of conditions, including autoimmune disorders, liver disease, TMJ, Bell’s palsy, sciatica, Lyme disease, fibromyalgia, eczema, fatigue, ringing in the ears, balance problems, migraines, thyroid problems, nodules, cysts, PCOS, endometriosis, RA, lupus, MS, TMJ, shingles, cold sores, neuropathy, eye floaters, fibroids, canker sores, mouth and tongue sores and ulcers, and many others.

The Medical Medium also mentions that whether you have shingles, EBV, or any other viral infection, taking this amino acid all year round reduces your risk of contracting these illnesses, as well as the probability of developing new symptoms or exacerbating current ones.

Anthony William also mentions that millions of individuals worldwide suffer from hundreds of various chronic illnesses and symptoms caused by these viruses. Therefore, L-Lysine is a crucial supplement that can help to lower the viral load in the body, preventing the worsening of symptoms and the onset of other illnesses. 

More specifically, it inhibits and reduces viral infections, reducing the production of viral neurotoxins that inflame the nervous system.

So, now that we have found out how L-Lysine can improve our general health, let’s explore how we can ensure a sufficient daily intake.

Best sources of L-Lysine

If you’re looking for plant-based foods that are high in L-Lysine, we’ve made a list with some great options, including recipes and supplements:


Consume plenty of lentils and peas. It is easy to add them into stews, which are healthy, filling, and easy to prepare. We love the creative Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie with its layers and textures – an upgraded version of the classic stew!

Chickpeas are mostly known as the main ingredient for hummus. And while hummus is the perfect option for breakfast, snacks, starters, and buffets, you shouldn’t forget that chickpeas can be enjoyed in myriad other ways.

A normal serving of chickpeas provides almost half of the recommended daily intake of L-Lysine – so, it’s worth adding them to your meal.

Boiled chickpeas make a fantastic filling for pies – we recommend this brain-boosting recipe for plant-based empanadas.

You can also toss them with a little oil and spices. Roast them to make a crunchy snack, or use them as toppings for salads and soups.

Use chickpea flour as a more nutrient-rich and flavorful option to replace your traditional flour in this eggless chickpea quiche.

Nuts and seeds

You can use them as is and add them to salads, dishes, and healthy treats. But if you want to opt for a drink instead, that’s also possible! Simply make your own nut milk with just water. Nuts such as almond, cashew, walnut, hazelnut, macadamia, pistachio, or seeds like pumpkin, hemp, chia, flaxseeds, and sesame are easy to consume in various foods and drinks, serving as a great source of L-Lysine.

Chickpea, lentils, grains, and beans are complex and nutritious replacements for animal proteins
Chickpea, lentils, grains, and beans are complex and nutritious replacements for animal proteins


Quinoa makes a wonderful base for a main course salad or Buddha bowl. This Quinoa tri-color mix from Terrasana adds color, texture, and nutrients to your quick, healthy meals.

When you want to diversify your grain options, amaranth is great for porridge and vegan milk.

Leafy greens

Whether you prefer them slightly cooked or raw,  spinach, kale, and watercress can be added to your daily diet to boost your intake of L-Lysine.


Sometimes it can be challenging to consume a sufficient amount of this amino acid through diet alone, especially if you have a condition that requires a higher intake. Or maybe you have a dynamic lifestyle and you want to ensure that you reach your nutritional goals. 

Then, supplements are a convenient option as you can easily keep track of the dosage. We recommend the pure L-Lysine from I Like it CLEAN. These capsules are convenient, easy to carry, highly absorbable, and are created in accordance with Medical Medium guidelines and requirements.


Among other numerous benefits, Spirulina algae is also a rich source of L-Lysine. Since it’s hard to find it fresh, powdered spirulina is a good alternative and can be added to foods, drinks, spreads, and smoothies.

Also, don’t forget that supplements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, and it’s highly recommended to consult a specialist before starting to use them.

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