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Licorice – A Sweet Journey to Well-Being

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There is more to licorice than just its distinctive, pleasant taste, common in so many popular sweets. Besides the delicious flavour, it also has a positive impact on your health!

The plant was originally cultivated and used in Asia, North Africa, and Southern Europe, but it is popular all over the world today. The part of licorice that we use is the root, which, when chewed fresh, has a sweet and slightly salty taste. Its taste is similar to that of aniseed, although the plants are not related. Licorice is also called “sweet root”, and for a good reason: its sweetness is up to 50 times more intense than that of sugar! However, it also takes longer until we actually feel the sweetness, it is tangier, and lasts longer.

Licorice is used to flavour various food items: candies, in various combinations with chocolate, and – perhaps a little surprisingly- even with salt!

But what’s even more impressive than its pleasant taste is that licorice root has been used as a natural remedy for ages.

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The name 'licorice' comes from Greek, meaning "sweet root"

We found out from the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health that licorice root may help with conditions such as digestive problems, symptoms of menopause, cough, bacterial and viral infections, as well as sore throat. Licorice is also used as an ingredient in some products that help with irritated, inflamed, and itchy skin.

The ultimate weapon against the viral explosion. — Medical Medium, Anthony Willam

“Licorice root is also incredible for people with low blood pressure, and it helps soothe the liver by lowering liver heat. Not to mention that licorice is the most important adrenal restorative we have today.” – Medical Medium.

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Introduce licorice to your diet in powder form, as an extract, or even consume the root raw
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Besides candy, licorice is used to flavour medicines, tobacco, soft drinks, and delicious teas

Curious about how to use it? Follow the Medical Medium’s tips:

・If you’re trying to quit caffeine, you can try to replace it with licorice root tea. It can be an incredible energy booster in the morning!

・When you’re having trouble digesting food, or you’ve just eaten a bad meal out at a restaurant, drink licorice tea to help the digestion process along.

・Feel free to use licorice as an herbal tea or in its alcohol-free tincture form.

Medical Medium’s flavourful licorice tea:

・2 tablespoons dried licorice root

・1 teaspoon orange zest

・1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

・1⁄2 teaspoon whole cloves

Mix all the ingredients together in a small bowl. Boil 4 cups of water.

For each serving of tea, use 1 teaspoon of the blend in 1 cup of hot water.* Steep for 5 minutes or more.

*If a stronger, more medicinal tea is desired, use 2 teaspoons or up to 1 tablespoon of the tea blend per serving.

”The rich flavor of this fragrant tea is sure to conjure warm feelings. As you take each sip, imagine yourself as a child eating sweet licorice candy, and let the memory lighten your heart and bring you joy.”- Medical Medium

For your comfort and convenience, you can replace the dried roots with a potent extract. We recommend you the 10:1 alcohol-free Licorice extract from Vimergy!

Before taking food supplements, we advise you to talk to your doctor. If you are pregnant or nursing, we strongly advise you to use these products only with medical advice.

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