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Bardo Small Bag is a neat little bag – it is a great accessory and accent to your look.

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Bardo Small Bag is a neat little bag – it is a great accessory and accent to your look. At the same time, it can be an addition to your large handbag. Crafted from high-quality eco leather, the bag’s lid is inspired by original, hand-painted Bardo designs that are printed on sustainable textile.

Opening width – 29 cm
Height – 20 cm
Bottom depth – 6 cm
Bottom width – 27 cm
Two pockets with a height of 14 cm and a width of 13 cm
Strap length – 125 cm


Leather strap
Closure with zipper and two magnetic buttons
Body – eco leather
Bag cover – 100% eco leather and polyester
Lining – 100% polyester

In the designer’s words:

“Bardo bags are hand-made bags from eco-friendly materials painted with my patterns. It is important to emphasise that before being transferred to the fabric, my works go through all the stages necessary to create a visual work. From the idea, the sketch, the drawing, through to the development, and finally to the printing. In my work, I use both classical and modern technologies.



The idea of ​​BARDO BAG, however, is for art to get out of its frame and be with people for most of their everyday life. It is very important for me that art is alive and is all around us. In this aspect, my creations are transferred to the BARDO BAG. With them, you can emphasise your individuality, you can express your mood, or just be different. From a designer’s point of view, I try to make bags comfortable, functional, and practical.



The materials I work with are high-quality artificial leather with a high level of wear resistance. The textile on which I print my designs is polyester with sublimation print with UV coating. The good thing about this type of print is that the dyes enter the fibre at a high temperature. In this way, we have stable colours that do not change over time. Both materials can be hand-washed.”

– Artist and designer Julia Tomova



High level of wear resistance

UV protection

Easy to clean

It's time to dive into the ocean of wholesomeness!

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