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A bottle of Oil of Oregano, a potent natural supplement.

Oil of Oregano (Alcohol Free)

Nature’s Answer Oil of Oregano is produced using gentle and carefully controlled extraction techniques to preserve the full nutritional benefits and potency of the extract.

Size: 30 ml


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    • Nature’s Answer Oil of Oregano is alcohol-free.
    • Supports healthy intestinal & digestive function*
    • The oil contains naturally occurring resin, sterols, flavonoids, carvacrol, thymol, and other volatile components.
    • The main active ingredient in oregano is carvacrol, which is also responsible for the typical smell of the plant.
    • Promotes overall good health & wellness*


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Oil of Oregano is gluten-free and alcohol-free.





 Benefits of Oil of Oregano.


Oil of Oregano Extract: Nutritional information

3 drops contain 7 mg carvacrol.

3 drops contain: % NRV**

Proprietary blend of extra virgin olive oil and oregano oil (standardised to a minimum of 7 mg carvacrol) 50 mg n / A

** Percentage of nutrient reference values ​​according to Regulation (EU) No. 1169/2011. (NRV = Nutrient Reference Value).


 Examine the supplement facts and ingredients of Oil of Oregano



Olive oil, oregano oil.


Consumption Recommendation:

3 drops in a small amount of water, 3 times a day as needed.


How to use Oil of Oregano

• Shake well before use.
• Do not use during pregnancy and lactation.

Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet, and a healthy lifestyle.

Store dietary supplements out of the reach of young children.

Please keep it in a cool and dry place.

The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded.


* This statement has not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Benefits of Oil of Oregano

Oil of Oregano, a potent herbal extract, offers a diverse range of health benefits, including:

Supports Respiratory Health Function

It possesses antibacterial and antiviral properties that fortify respiratory health. It aids in combating infections such as bronchitis, pneumonia, and the common cold.

Prevents Infections

This remarkable oil helps prevent infections by eliminating bacteria, viruses, and fungi. It’s efficacious in treating a variety of infections, including ear infections, urinary tract infections, and skin infections.


Oil of Oregano exerts powerful anti-inflammatory effects, reducing inflammation throughout the body. This property alleviates pain, swelling, enhances joint health, and lowers the risk of arthritis.

Regulates Menstrual Cycle

For women, it can regulate the menstrual cycle, relieving symptoms of PMS such as cramps and bloating while promoting fertility.

Improves Digestive Health

Oil of Oregano fosters improved digestive health by eradicating harmful gut bacteria, preventing diarrhea, and boosting the immune system.

Antibacterial and Antiviral Effects

Reiterating its prowess, Oil of Oregano demonstrates antibacterial and antiviral effects, effectively combating infections like bronchitis, pneumonia, and the common cold.

Eliminates Intestinal Worms

It also serves as an effective remedy for parasitic infections, eliminating intestinal worms such as giardiasis and pinworms.

Relieves Symptoms of Allergy

Oil of Oregano alleviates allergy symptoms like sneezing, runny nose, and itchy eyes, along with reducing inflammation in the airways.

Powerful Painkiller

With potent pain-relieving properties, it provides relief from headaches, muscle aches, joint pain, and further reduces inflammation.

Anti-Ageing Properties

This oil contains anti-ageing properties, safeguarding the skin from free radical-induced damage, which can lead to wrinkles and other signs of ageing.

Protects Against Cancer

Lastly, scientific evidence suggests that Oil of Oregano possesses cancer-fighting properties, capable of killing cancer cells and impeding their spread.

About Nature’s Answer

Nature’s Answer Liquid Herbal Extracts are highly concentrated, as they begin by using whole plant materials to achieve a truly concentrated 1:1 extract that provides the equivalent of 1,000 mg of dried herb equivalent in every 1 ml serving.

Nature’s Answer sources their herbs from the wild, where they grow naturally in habitats such as forests, fields, and untouched areas of land that are free from the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides.


Read more about Nature’s Answer »


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