Pick Bucket with 14 Hexagon WECK Glass Jars 191ml

WECK jars are made of eco-friendly glass which is better for our health than storing or canning food in plastics. The outstanding and stylish design of WECK glass jars and their multiple uses make them perfect for your pantry or as gift items.

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Pick Bucket with 14 Hexagon Glass Jars of 191ml

Customers love it for:

The size and design – perfect for displays, storage, and crafts.

The Hexagon Jars are popular for homemade jams, honey storage, and display of spices. 

Some of the advantages of owning cubic WECK jars:

∙The jar is made of clear glass so you can always see what is stored in the jar and how much is left.

∙The glass material is tested and guarantees a product free from harmful substances and it is BPA-free.

∙The glass is suitable for the dishwasher. 

∙100% eco-friendly and recyclable.


Hexagon glass jars can be used to store and organise homemade or bought products such as:

➺ Honey & jam

➺ Puddings, desserts, & sweets

➺ Nuts & grains

➺ Sauces, spreads, & dips

➺ Spices & dried herbs

➺ Candles & cosmetics



1 set of 14 pieces consists of 14 jars, 14 metal lids, 1 bucket of 5.6L, and 1 plastic lid.

Details and Specifications

Height: 9.2 cm
Opening: 5.1 cm 
Volume: 191 ml
Weight: 180 g

Cleaning and Use

The glass is suitable for the dishwasher. The lid is not.



We are excited to discover how you will make use of your WECK glass jars!


It's time to dive into the ocean of wholesomeness!

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