Seaside Holidays – 8 Benefits for the Mind, Body, and Soul

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The summer season has officially started and the seaside is, for many of us, the preferred destination.

Are you the active type who gets excited about sports and activities? Have you missed socialising, having fun, and making new friends? Or are you looking for the perfect meditation spot where you can chill and relax instead? The beach is the perfect place for everybody!


1. Staying active has never been so enjoyable

Long walks on the beach, jogging, swimming, diving, and social team sports like beach volleyball are a fun way to stay active during holidays. Most beach sports are suitable for anyone, and that’s because the salty water and the sand are low-impact surfaces which help reduce the risk of injury. If you are into more challenging activities, try water sports like paddle boarding, surfing, or kiting.

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Beach sports are a fun, social way to stay active

2. Aerosol therapy

Sport by the sea is not only about toning your body – you also fill your lungs with pure air, which contains aerosols. Besides stimulating immunity, aerosols  improve the health of the upper respiratory system. No medical device – no matter how advanced – can produce aerosols as beneficial as those of the sea. Start early in the morning with walking or 

jogging close to the sea water – enjoy the beauty of the sunrise and breathe in the fresh air!

3. Stronger bones

Sun exposure helps the human body produce vitamin D. This essential vitamin helps our body synthesise calcium and keeps bones dense and strong. And this is not the only major role of vitamin D – find out more from our article Vitamin D : Boost Your Mood With This Incredible “Sunshine” Vitamin.

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Water, sand, clean air - the beach provides all the “equipment” you need for sport
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Enjoy more stunning sights and discover new places during a relaxing bike ride

4. Massage and exfoliation

Walking barefoot on a sandy beach is a pleasant way to relax your feet with massage and reflexology. Moreover, the sea water and the abrasive sand mildly exfoliates dead skin cells on the soles of your feet.

If you enjoy relaxing in the water, the salty water makes it easy for your body to float. Floating allows your muscles and joints to relax, and improves blood circulation.

5. Improved sleep quality

What’s a better way to get exposed to plenty of sunlight than spending time at the beach?

A study by the University of Groningen shows that “the light to which people are exposed during the day not only affects when they go to sleep, but also the quality of their sleep. […] The results show that exposure to sunlight allows people to sleep more deeply and soundly the following night. The researchers also found that the earlier in the morning people are exposed to bright sunlight, the earlier they fall asleep in the evening.”

If you are interested in how light exposure influences your sleep, we recommend you this article about Melatonin: The Secret Ingredient For A Better Sleep.

6. Feel-good hormones

Serotonin, a chemical in your brain that makes you feel energetic and generally happier, is also boosted by exposure to the sun. According to healthline.com, serotonin regulates your mood as well as your sleep, appetite, digestion, learning ability, and memory.

benefits seaside wellbeing pura fons 4
The beach has everything you need to soothe all your senses

7. Positive effects on mental health

A study led by The South African College of Applied Psychology shows the main benefits of the sea on mental health:

Staring at the ocean changes the frequency of our brain waves and puts us into a mild meditative state.

The sound of waves activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which makes us more relaxed.

・The negative ions in the sea breeze have a mood-boosting effect.

・Associated with feelings of peace and calm, the colour blue has also been shown to enhance creativity.

8. The sun is your friend

And it’s a crucial factor in the good functioning of the human body. Nevertheless, excessive exposure is harmful, so it is recommended to sunbathe only in the morning and to apply proper sunscreen on your skin every couple of hours. The higher the sun protection factor, the better! It is actually recommended to apply sunscreen on all exposed areas – like the face, shoulders, and legs – on a daily basis and not only when you go to the beach in order to avoid the irreversible effects of sunburn.

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Controlled exposure is the best way to make the most out of sunbathing

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