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The Sound of Healing – Why Music is Essential to your Well-Being

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Navigate through goodness

Music is the invisible stream that flows through our minds and bodies, having a significant influence on our emotional state. By evoking emotions, controlling moods, lowering stress, promoting self-expression, and encouraging empathy and connection with others, music is one of the magic ingredients of a happy life.

Diverse forms of music have diverse effects on emotions, and they may be utilised to control the mood. For instance, relaxing music that’s slow can aid with anxiety reduction, while motivating music that’s fast can lift your spirits. Tune in with us to find out how.

Listening to music produces dopamine, a feel-good compound in the brain, which stimulates pleasure and motivation.
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Music's vibrational effects on the body may promote physical healing and pain relief

Relax, Take It Easy

You surely sang this when you read it! And it’s good advice to follow – relaxation and stress reduction can both be facilitated by listening to music. According to researchers at the National Center for Biotechnology Information, music helps reduce cortisol levels, a hormone linked to stress.

Listening to music produces dopamine, a feel-good compound in the brain, which stimulates pleasure and motivation.

There is also evidence that music enhances cognitive abilities including learning, memory, and attention. For people with neurological illnesses like dementia or Parkinson’s disease, it can also be a therapeutic tool.

Physical and mental suffering can both be reduced by music. According to research, music can help with both chronic pain management and reducing the feeling of pain.


I’ll be There for You

The soundtrack of the famous sitcom Friends reminds us of the importance of friendship and close connections in our lives. Music brings people together and promotes social connections. Taking part in a chorus or performing in a band creates a sense of community, and meeting friends – old and new – and listening to the songs you used to love in high school fosters interpersonal relationships and general well-being.

Music also helps people to communicate and express feelings that they would normally find hard to express. Plus, it enables people to relate to the feelings expressed in a song or when they have shared musical experiences like going to a concert or dancing together – promoting empathy and connecting with others.

music wellbeing pura fons 2
Sharing music with loved ones brings people closer and promotes empathy

Don’t Stop the Music

Music is everywhere, from the sounds of nature to the most complex orchestras. Natural sounds, such as the sound of crashing waves, birds tweeting, or rain pouring, can be calming and help you to relax. Music is indeed everywhere – all you have to do is listen! – so why not spend time outside and enjoy the music of nature?

Attending festivals, concerts, or other live music sessions can also be an amazing experience. The energy and atmosphere simply can’t be reproduced by listening to recorded music. Live concerts are filled with unexpected moments that can make the experience even more exciting. It’s a great opportunity to interact with your favourite artist. When you are there in person, the emotional connection with the singers becomes stronger – it sometimes feels like they are speaking directly to you.


Manic Monday

If you are at work and are looking for ambient music that would, simultaneously, make you feel good and allow you to concentrate and be productive, instrumental music is recommended.

According to sound expert Julian Treasure, humans can only concentrate on 1.6 voices saying different things at the same time. So in order to be able to concentrate on your inner voice and thoughts at work, it is better to listen to music with fewer lyrics.

Piano, guitar, and other instrumental music, as well as repetitive and minimalist electronic music, may also create a peaceful and soothing ambiance and promote concentration.

Due to its structure and harmony, classical music like that of Mozart or Beethoven is also tranquil and calming.


Jump around

The pace of music may affect how well you perform in sport; considering that music with a faster tempo usually causes an increase in speed and endurance during physical activity.

When you listen to music during sport, it also becomes easier to overcome mental limits. In this way, instead of thinking that you still have sets of exercises to do, or kilometres to run, you concentrate on your favourite song and you won’t even feel the time going by. 



Sometimes we feel uninspired and just can’t find the right song for a particular event, situation, activity, or mood. In this case, searching for songs can be time-consuming and it can spoil the atmosphere. In order to always be prepared despite a busy schedule, you can create playlists that you can access at any time. This way, you’ll effortlessly get to the music you need to tune in to without having to spend time looking for it. Here are a few ideas for song lists to have at hand:

energetic workout music

relaxing music for releasing anxiety before bedtime

party music suitable for dancing

cheerful road trip music 

motivational music for commuting

fun music for when you cook or clean

instrumental music for work

any other moment of the day when you would like have joy and fun

music wellbeing pura fons 3
Practise self-care and create a relaxing atmosphere at home with your favourite songs
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Besides the charming retro vibe, vinyl discs preserve the original music quality: warm and rich

We all have our preferred musical genres. However, it is important to explore different genres of music to find the one that works best for you. While it’s easy to stick to one or two genres, exploring different genres of music can be an exciting experience. By expanding your musical horizons, you can deepen your appreciation of music as an art form and open yourself up to new emotions and experiences. You may even find that your musical preferences change over time. So go ahead, try something new and see where the music takes you!

Love it, share it!