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The Truth About Supplements

Think you have a healthy diet and do not need supplements? Dietary supplements can be used to correct vitamin and mineral deficiencies that you are not getting via your daily diet. But how do you choose the right supplements?

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Top 7 Adaptogenic Plants and Mushrooms for Your Inner Balance

In today’s world, stress is a serious issue that negatively impacts our happiness and health. But what if there were a healthy, natural approach to deal with stress? Luckily, there is! The answer can be found in adaptogens – chemical compounds present in some plants and mushrooms that support the body’s…

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Listen to Your Gut – The Connection Between Gut and Brain

Does feeling nervous make you “feel butterflies” in your stomach? Have you ever had a gut feeling about something? These sensations aren’t just metaphors. They tell you about how your gut and brain communicate with each other. Your gut and brain are connected in a real way, and the sensations this connection creates…

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4 Tips for smoothie recipes from pura fons

Smoothie Recipes: 4 Tips and Mix-And-Match Ideas

Want a convenient way to stay hydrated during summer heat waves? Smoothies! Filled with flavours, colours, and nutrients, they are also a boost to your well-being and energy thanks to the abundance of vitamins and antioxidants. How to make one? It is easier than you think – all you need…

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Milk Thistle: The Liver’s Secret Weapon

Milk thistle, also known as Silybum marianum, is a plant with a long history of use in traditional medicine, known especially for its liver-protective properties. It also has many other surprising health benefits that are worth exploring – studies have found that milk thistle can help lower cholesterol levels, reduce inflammation,

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February, the Heart Health Month – Love More, Live More!

February is widely recognized as the month of love, and Valentine’s Day makes us all think of how to make our dear ones happy. It provides a perfect opportunity to express our affection and appreciation towards the special people in our lives. However, it is also a good time to remind ourselves and others of the importance of heart health,…

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