The Journey to Wellness – Healing Emotional Wounds

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Emotional wounds appear when we feel rejected, abandoned, betrayed, wronged, or when we suffer a loss. Just like physical ailments, they need to be treated and healed. Because they are not visible, we tend to ignore them and hope that in time, they will go away – even when they don’t. This is why it’s important to raise awareness regarding emotional health and to take steps towards a healthy and fulfilling life.

According to a study published in Forbes, time doesn’t really “heal everything” after all, especially when someone is suffering. However hard we try to hide our wounds under various masks, they will finally catch up with us. This is why it’s important to find the inner strength to face and heal our pain, so that we can bring well-being into our lives.

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Prioritise your emotional and mental health

In her book “Heal your wounds and find your true self”, the Canadian writer Lise Bourbeau has identified five wounds that we commonly carry in our lives and which affect our relationships with others and with ourselves. 

These wounds determine in us the need to protect ourselves by unconsciously hiding behind “masks” whenever we feel threatened. In this way, we set unnecessary barriers to our own personal development.

For each wound, there is a corresponding mask:

Rejection – wears the mask of the fugitive (we run away from others in fear of being rejected);

Abandonment – the dependent (in fear of being abandoned, we become dependent on the person next to us);

Humiliation – hides under the mask of the masochist (rather than being humiliated by others, we present ourselves in a degrading light);

Betrayal – the correspondent mask is that of the controller (rather than be betrayed, we control everything by being dominating);

Injustice – wears the mask of the rigid (hoping that inflexibility won’t allow anyone to do us any injustice).

Do you identify with at least one of these emotional wounds and the corresponding self-defense mechanism?

If the answer is yes, it’s time to take the masks off and take steps towards authenticity and wellness!

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Confront your deepest fears and reveal your authentic self
Moon Meditation for Healing Emotional Wounds – a positive, healing, and motivational meditation that will help you to realign with your inner self and put you back in touch with your essence.

This means that the “fugitive” type has to learn to confront uncomfortable situations; the “dependent” to become autonomous; the “masochist” to develop self-esteem; the “controller” to learn to let go; and, the “rigid” should try to be more flexible.

Of course, this process of healing is not easy and we recommend that you turn to supportive means such as therapy and meditation.

Moon Meditation

The Medical Medium, Anthony William recommends the Moon Meditation for Healing Emotional Wounds – a positive, healing, and motivational meditation that will help you to realign with your inner self and put you back in touch with your essence, by relying on the calming power of the moon.

Because the world we live in can be tough on us sometimes, we tend to seek support from beyond this world. When anxiety and depression that has accumulated over the years gets the better of us, the moon has the magnetic power to pull out the venomous pain from within.

Find a comfortable position in the presence of the moon – you don’t necessarily have to see the moon itself during the meditation – the presence of the moon light or envisioning seeing the moon is sufficient.

Concentrate on your breathing and visualise the connection between you and the moon – this will help you to welcome the moon with open arms.

When you become aware of its healing powers, the moon will help you heal deep emotional wounds. Start to visualise how the negative energy turns into the colour yellow and feel the magnetic pull of the moon circulating in your body and extracting the yellow poison out of your soul.

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Daily practice of meditation helps you find inner peace
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Rely on the Moon's magnetic powers to relieve emotional pain

Listen to the guided meditation of the Medical Medium, release the pain, and heal your emotional wounds!

Global Wellness Day

Did you know that Global Wellness Day is celebrated every year on the second Saturday of June? The Global Wellness Day non-profit organisation encourages us to celebrate together on 11th June this year, and to:

recognise the value of our lives

pause and meditate, even if for just one day of the year

free ourselves from the stress of everyday life

make peace with ourselves

We hope this increases your motivation to continue your journey to complete physical, mental, and social well-being.

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