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Lakshmi Star Pine Water

Lakshmi Star Pine Water

Lakshmi Star Pine Water is a hydrosol that is derived from the steam distillation of Portuguese Pinus Pinaster oil. It contains a variety of fresh scent components from Pinus Pinaster oil. Its refreshing green scent, reminiscent of freshly mown grass, invigorates the skin and provides a rejuvenating experience for the mind. This remarkable water has the ability to reduce imbalances in the “Vata” and “Kapha” doshas, while simultaneously strengthening the “Pitta” dosha.


Size: 50 ml – 150ml 





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Lakshmi Star Pine Water is organic Lakshmi Star Pine Water is made with natural ingredients

It stimulates blood circulation and energizes the skin. With its high content of antioxidants, it has strong rejuvenating properties and supports the function of blood vessels such as arteries, capillaries, and veins. The scent, reminiscent of fresh hay, also promotes a positive attitude towards life and mental encouragement. It boosts energy levels and helps tighten the skin.

Lakshmi Star Pine Water 50 ml
50 ml

Lakshmi Star Pine Water 150 ml
150 ml


Ingredients (INCI):


Pinus Pinaster Distillate, Limonene*


100% of the ingredients are from controlled organic cultivation

* Component of natural Pinus Pinaster essential oil


100% of ingredients organic certified

* Ingredient of natural Pinus Pinaster essential oil.


Application :

It can be used as a toner for sensitive skin areas after cleansing, as well as a refreshing facial mist or aftershave.



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