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Organic Honey Mix with Ginger and Lemon

Honey with Ginger and ​Lemon is a powerful combination for enhancing ​overall wellness. Honey clears away toxic build-up – lemon provides powerful digestive enzymes, while ginger stimulates digestion.

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Orto Pazzo Honey with Ginger and Lemon from selected organic production


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Orto Pazzo Honey with Ginger and Lemon is 100% pure, free from additives, and processed by very fine filtration to remove impurities. The bees are taken great care of and fed with the honey they produce.

An immunostimulating mix with ginger and lemon for enhanced overall well-being.

Orto Pazzo guarantees the highest grade of hand-picked products with meticulous selection. Our standards are much higher than just natural and organic. We aim to elevate your well-being.


organic honey


Benefits of Wild Honey

– Contains antioxidants which slow the aging process.
– Has antibacterial and antifungal properties that fight infections.
– Has phytonutrients that improve the immune system.
– Soothes sore throats.
– Protects from radiation damage.
– Helps to prevent cancer.
– Reduces blood pressure.
– Boosts healthy, glowing skin.


Benefits of Lemon

– Eliminates bad cholesterol.
– Reduces digestion problems.
– Cures throat infection.
– Supports weight loss.
– Cleanses liver, kidneys, and blood.
– Remedies colds.
– Lowers stress and anxiety.
– Boosts immune system.
– Improves bone health.


Benefits of Ginger

– Supports healthy immune system.
– Antibacterial and anti-parisitic.
– Helps relieve tension headaches.
– Relaxes throat muscles.
– Fights flus, colds, EBV, shingles, the herpes family, and other bugs.
– Helps DNA reconstruction.
– Helps flush excess lactic acid from stress or exercise.
– Enhances B12 production.
– Calms hyperactivity.


How To Use Honey with Ginger and Lemon

Add a teaspoon of Orto Pazzo Organic Honey Mix with Ginger and Lemon to your cup of tea and enjoy a fresh flavor, or use it as a spread. You can also use it for a sweet and spicy marinade for a delectable and caramelized finish.

orto pazzo honey with tea

Serving idea


Honey bouquet*, ginger*, lemon oil*.
*organically grown ingredients.
Code № BG-BIO-19; EU/non-EU Agriculture.

Intended for general consumption, except for people with allergies to bee products.
Not recommended for children under 1 year.
Stir well before consumption.
Organic Honey with Ginger and Lemon has to be stored in a cool and dark place, away from direct sunlight.

Nutrition information values per 100 g
Energy: 1405 kJ / 331 kcal; Fat: 0.06 g; of which saturated: 0.04 g; Carbohydrate: 82 g; of which sugars: 76 g; Protein: 0.28 g; Salt: 0.02 g;


Tested in Germany
100% natural product
Proudly Produced in Bulgaria for Orto Pazzo

It's time to dive into the ocean of wholesomeness!

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