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Lima Yannoh Instant Organic

Yannoh Instant (Organic)

An alternative to instant coffee that is caffeine-free made from roasted barley and rye, chicory, and acorns. A quick to prepare mild-tasting beverage, low in saturated fat and salt, and a source of fibre.

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This Lima Yannoh Instant is an alternative to instant coffee. It is a delicious drink without caffeine, made from roasted grains (barley and rye), chicory, and acorns. The grains are roasted slowly, which gives the Yannoh Instant a mild taste. The Yannoh Instant is vegan, gluten-free, and is low in saturated fat and salt. It is a source of fibre.

✓ Source of fibre

✓0% Caffeine


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No Added Sugar




organic yannoh instant gluten free


How to Use:

Very practical: a nice cup is ready in the blink of an eye, just some hot water is enough.



Roasted chicory*, roasted rye*, roasted barley*, roasted acorns*.

*organically grown

This product does not contain allergens.


Product Organically Grown:

100% of the agricultural ingredients are from organic farming.

EU Organic

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How to Store:

Store in a tightly covered container in a cool dry location.


Average nutritional value per:

Lima Yannoh Instant Organic Facts

RI: Reference intake of an average adult (8,400 kJ/2,000 kcal).


What is the difference between Yannoh Filter and Instant?:

Yannoh “Filter” is a grain coffee that contains gluten, which can be used for drip-brewed coffee. This alternative to coffee is produced with roasted cereals such as barley, rye and wheat which contain gluten. The grains and roots are roasted with warm air in production. The temperature never exceeds 80° C. After roasting, the ingredients are ground and mixed. Yannoh Filter is prepared just like drip-brewed coffee to obtain an aromatic beverage with a roasted flavour.

Yannoh “Instant” is a grain-based instant alternative to coffee and contains no gluten. Yannoh Instant is gluten-free because the gluten in the wheat, barley and rye is removed during the production and filtration process.

The production process
∙ Yannoh “Filter” is the basis from which Yannoh “Instant” is made. We use Yannoh “Filter” to prepare very strong grain coffee on a large scale. To achieve this, hot water is pumped through a series of percolators.
∙ The leftover grit remains in the filters and the highly concentrated extract is collected at the end of the process.
∙ The gluten stays behind in the leftover grit, because gluten is insoluble in water.
∙ The gluten-free extract is first evaporated and then fully dried, after which it is atomised in a spray drier.
∙ The moisture completely evaporates, leaving dry instant coffee powder.
∙ Frequent testing confirms that Yannoh “Instant” is gluten-free.


It's time to dive into the ocean of wholesomeness!

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