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Sip Your Way to Wellness – The Benefits of Caffeine-Free Drinks

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Hot beverages keep you warm, optimistic, and energised. Opt for clean, caffeine-free drinks, and you can enjoy the surprising benefits they bring to your health by lowering blood pressure, reducing stress, and boosting immunity. You may even discover new flavours and experiences that you enjoy. Next time you wake up, give it a try and feel the difference!

If the first thing that comes to your mind in the morning is to indulge in sugary, caffeinated drinks, then you have probably noticed that the energy they give you doesn’t last too long. Moreover, when the effect goes away, you might feel even more tired than before – not to mention the negative influence of sugar and caffeine in the long run.

coffee alternative breakfast pura fons
Complement your healthy breakfast with energising hot drinks that are good for you
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Drinks that don't contain caffeine contribute to a positive mood, transforming morning into your favourite time of the day

So, if you are looking for a way to improve your health and well-being, you may want to consider switching from caffeinated drinks like coffee, black or green tea, soda, and energy drinks to non-caffeinated drinks like herbal teas or plant-based coffee alternatives, and here is why:

Caffeine-free drinks Caffeine drinks
Offer balanced energy all day long, without ups and downs.
Can give you a temporary boost of energy, but they make you feel tired after that.
Sustain the absorption of micronutrients, helping you to get the most out of your foods and supplements.
Can interfere with the absorption of some important nutrients, especially calcium, which can affect the strength of your bones.
Allow your body to hydrate properly.
Might dehydrate your body, and can cause early-ageing signs of the skin.
Help you stay calm and focused, and improve your mood.
Increase levels of adrenaline and stress, causing anxiety, nervousness, jitteriness, sleep problems, and tremors.
Are mild on the digestive system and may even have calming effects.
Can irritate your digestive system and worsen symptoms of gastritis or ulcers.
Boost your energy without increasing blood pressure.
Increase blood pressure, heart rate, and the risk of stroke and heart attack.

If you feel ready to switch to non-caffeinated drinks, there are plenty of delicious options for you:

Herbal and fruit tea

Whether you prefer calming linden flowers and lemon balm, soothing mint, or energising dried berries, a cup of tea is always comforting – so why not make it delicious as well? Experience new flavours by combining your favourite herbs, and add healthy sweeteners, spices, fruits, or nuts:

∙ a few drops of lemon juice or a slice of lemon will not only brighten the taste of your tea, but also add extra vitamin C. Just be sure you add the lemon after the tea has cooled a bit, to preserve the vitamins. 

∙ raw honey or organic maple syrup. These clean, natural sweeteners allow you to sweeten your beverages to taste in a healthy way.

∙ rose or jasmine water – add just a couple of drops to your mint tea for a refreshing oriental experience.

∙ pine nuts and walnuts have a delicious flavour and you can consume them at the end as a healthy energising snack.

∙ cardamom, turmeric, cinnamon, and clove. Spice up your tea with sweet spices and enjoy their anti-inflammatory properties as well.

∙ rosemary, basil, and thyme. You heard well, you can use herbs to flavour your tea as well!

coffee alternative tea pura fons
Fresh fruits, nuts, and herbs add colour, taste, and nutrients to your teas

Healthy alternatives to coffee – Yannoh and Chicory

If you like the bitterish taste of coffee, and you want to feel energised without the side-effects of coffee, you will love Yannoh Instant! It’s made from a combination of non-caffeinated and pure ingredients, gently roasted for the perfect morning experience:

coffee alternative chicory pura fons
Add spices to your hot drinks like plant-based milk, roasted grain coffee replacements, or tea for sweetness, flavour, and their anti-inflammatory properties

∙ roasted barley and rye. Thanks to the high content of fibres and antioxidants these ingredients can aid weight management and even help prevent cancer. Rye and barley also regulate blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of diabetes.

∙ roasted acorn drinks. High in fibre and antioxidants, they are good for the digestive system and reduce the chance of developing chronic illnesses. They are also a significant source of potassium, iron, vitamins A and E, as well as a number of other crucial minerals. 

∙ roasted chicory. This root vegetable is maybe one of the most popular coffee replacements and it has many health benefits as well. Chicory is high in flavonoids, potassium, and soluble fibre – all of which assist to decrease blood pressure, prevent hypertension, and maintain the health of blood vessels. It helps you relax and promotes a healthy response to tension and stress. 

You can also try drinks based only on chicory, for a stronger coffee-like flavour.

Our suggestion for the perfect morning beverage: prepare a hot cup of Yannoh or Chicory, add a teaspoon of raw honey, maple syrup, or coconut sugar, and a tablespoon of coconut milk!

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