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Lakshmi Rosen Sole

The Lakshmi Rose Brine (RosenSole), with its 31% magnesium salt content, has an oily texture. It is commonly referred to as magnesium oil due to its high magnesium concentration. The Lakshmi RosenSole is infused with rose hydrosol, giving it a delicate and pleasant rose scent. To meet the recommended daily magnesium intake, sports therapists suggest using 10-20 sprays from the bottle.


Size: 50 ml – 150ml 




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Lakshmi Rosemary Water is organic Lakshmi Rosemary Water is made with natural ingredients

Magnesium plays a crucial role in reducing tiredness and fatigue. It is known to support electrolyte balance, energy metabolism, proper functioning of the nervous system, muscle activity, and protein synthesis. Additionally, magnesium is essential for mental activity and the maintenance of healthy bones and teeth. Furthermore, magnesium is believed to be involved in the cell division process.


Magnesium oil brine infused with Rose Alba Water is suitable for vegans. An organic magnesium oil that is free from preservatives and other additives, this unique formula derives its delicate rose fragrance from the finest, organic Rose Alba water. The spray contains 31% magnesium chloride, making it a pure brine solution. It is sourced in its natural, unaltered state, ensuring it is free from harmful substances and modern-day pollution..

Lakshmi Rosensole Water 50 ml
50 ml

Lakshmi Rosensole Water 150 ml
150 ml

Ingredients(INCI) :


Organic Rose Alba Distillate, Mg2Cl6 Magnesium Clorid, Aqua


100% of the ingredients are from controlled organic cultivation


100% of ingredients are organic certified .


Application :

It is recommended to always have it with you during sports activities. Applying the spray on your calves or tense muscles can help prevent muscle cramps. Additionally, it is believed to promote a restful night’s sleep when sprayed and massaged onto your feet in the evening. Applying 20 pumps of the spray daily can provide the necessary magnesium for the body.



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