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Porridge gluten free oat pura fons

Porridge Express Superfruits – Gluten-free (Organic)

In a hurry in the mornings and looking for a way to save time on preparing breakfast? Porridge Express Superfruits is not only quick to prepare (no cooking!), it’s super nutritious and delicious as well! With 11% dried Superfruits, no added sugars, no gluten, and high in fibre – these oat flakes are your super start to a great day!

Size: 350 gr.


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Make it easily through the morning with a nutritional – but, quick to prepare – breakfast! Without cooking, you can enjoy all the nutritional wealth of gluten-free oats combined with 11% dried Superfruits in no time at all. Moreover, there are no added sugars – so you get to enjoy the pure Superfruits taste. High in fibre, this porridge also helps you to lower cholesterol.

✓ Source of Protein
✓ Source of Fibre


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No Added Sugar




How to Use:

The oats are steamed so this porridge is quick and easy. You only have to add 70 – 100 ml of a hot liquid to a 35 g portion. Wait 3 minutes before consuming. Particularly delicious with a vegetable drink! If you wish, you can enrich it with fresh fruit or seeds to give it an extra touch.


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Serving idea.



gluten-free OAT flakes* 89%, dried superfruits* 11% ((white mulberries*, cranberries* (cranberries*, concentrated apple juice*, sunflower oil*), goji berries* (Dukes of Argyll’s tea plant*), sour cherries* (sour cherries*, sunflower oil*), blueberries*)).

*organically grown

This product may contain traces of: Nuts, Hazelnuts, Almonds, Walnuts, Sesame, Soy, Lupine, & Milk.


Product Organically Grown:

100% of the agricultural ingredients are from organic farming.

EU Organic

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Average nutritional value per:

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RI: Reference intake of an average adult (8,400 kJ/2,000 kcal).


What role do proteins play in our body?

The main role of proteins in our diet is the growth, construction, and repair of the body’s cells. It is important to include protein as part of your daily menu as almost all the tissues in our body largely consist of protein.

Both vegetable and animal products contain protein; however, it is perfectly possible to get your daily dose of protein from plant-based products only. You will get all the protein you need by combining grains, pulses, nuts, and other plants in a balanced way. What’s more, you’ll avoid animal protein in the process, which often contains too many saturated fatty acids and cholesterol.


express porridge gluten free oat

It's time to dive into the ocean of wholesomeness!

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