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Melatonin: The Secret Ingredient for a Better Sleep

Busy working hours and a hectic lifestyle sometimes make us feel that 24 hours in a day are just not enough. We begin to prioritise different tasks and responsibilities, often at the expense of self-care and good rest. From the “party all night, study all day” student life…

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Spring Decluttering – Make Space for Well-Being

Home Is Where The Heart Is and in recent years, for many, it’s also the workplace! This makes it even more important than ever for both our personal well-being and professional development to live in a pleasant, harmonious environment. Useless things of all sorts sometimes pile up at home,…

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The Atlas of Beauty – A Celebration of Women in the World

Mihaela Noroc has photographed thousands of women in almost 100 countries. Her project “The Atlas of Beauty” is a collection of portraits and stories celebrating beauty in diversity – proof that beauty comes from within, can be found anywhere in the world, and goes beyond what the media prescribes as the standard…

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