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How to Upgrade Your Recipes With Organic Powders

organic powder recipes

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Whether you need wild blueberries harvested on the cleanest mountains, exotic pitaya, or seaweed grown in the purest waters, you can have them all at hand ready to be used in amazing recipes. If you are looking for a convenient way to enjoy some of the most nutritious foods on the planet in their most concentrated form, at any time you want, then opt for organic powders and flakes. Looking for inspiration? We have 3 ideas on how you can use powdered foods in your kitchen.


Why do we love organic powders and flakes?

In order to preserve most of their benefits, powdered plants are obtained by gently drying foods that come from clean, unpolluted areas. This guarantees that you can enjoy their natural flavors, colors, and nutrients in a concentrated form. 

They take up very little space, and can simply be stored in a dry spot at room temperature – this way you can have them at hand for a long time.

Powders are easy to use and you need only a small amount. They mix well in almost any recipe, without changing the texture of the composition. Thanks to their concentration, they bring color and flavor to your smoothies, bakes, sauces, and many other recipes. 

To preserve most of their benefits, powdered plants are obtained by gently drying foods that come from clean, unpolluted areas. This guarantees natural flavors, colors, and nutrients in a concentrated form.

Here, we’ve prepared 3 simple, yet surprising, cooking ideas using powders and flakes just for you. Enjoy trying one (or all!) of them!

✤ Vegetarian sushi roll ✤

If you are not already a sushi lover, this recipe will surely make you one! The secret of sushi is the variety of textures and flavors in every bite. This recipe contains fresh vegetables, creamy avocado, organic gluten-free rice, and dulse flakes – all wrapped in savory nori sheets. The two types of seaweed bring out the umami flavors of the sea in a 100% vegan dish!


For the rice:

∙ 1 cup short-grained rice (organic and gluten-free)

∙ 1 tsp coconut sugar

∙ 1 tsp salt

∙ 1 tsp fresh lemon juice

For the filling:

∙ 1 small cucumber, sliced in thin sticks

∙ 1 small carrot, sliced in thin sticks

∙ 1 red bell pepper, sliced in thin sticks

∙ 1 spring onion

∙ 1 avocado, thinly sliced

∙ 1 tbsp Organic Dulse Flakes 

∙ 3 nori sheets, for wrapping

vegan sushi recipe
Vegan sushi provides all the flavor and satisfaction without the risks of raw animal products

How to prepare it?

▻ Cook the rice according to instructions, drain if necessary, and let it cool. Mix the sugar, salt, and lemon juice. Then, add to the rice and mix well. Divide into 3 equal parts.

▻ Place a nori sheet shiny side down on a bamboo rolling mat or simply on plastic wrap. Spread 1 part of the rice equally on the nori sheet (with a wet spoon or damp fingers).

▻ Line up the sliced veggies horizontally at the center of the rice. Spread some dulse flakes on top.

▻ Roll the wraps using your fingers, making sure they are as tight as possible.

▻ Repeat with the remaining 2 wraps.

▻ Slice the wraps horizontally into the desired thickness (2-3 cm thick).

▻ Serve immediately with your favorite dipping sauce and wasabi.

✤ Tropical smoothie with pink pitaya ✤

When it comes to food, we all have to agree that looks matter! A visually appealing dish can make you feel more satisfied and happy. You will love this tropical smoothie filled with natural flavor, color, and nutrients from fresh fruit and pitaya powder.


∙ 1 small banana

∙ 1/2 mango (can be replaced with papaya or pineapple)

∙ 1 cup (coconut) water or plant-based milk

∙ 1 tsp organic pink pitaya powder

∙ 1 tsp coconut flakes / mint leaves / frozen berries / pineapple slice / lime slice, for decoration

pitaya smoothie recipe
Healthy AND irresistible - pitaya powder is the secret ingredient for smoothies
Credit: Osha Key from www.lovetariandiet.com

How to prepare it?

▻ Add all ingredients in a blender or food processor and blend until smooth. Add the desired liquid gradually, until you obtain the desired consistency.

▻ Add ice if desired and decorate with contrasting toppings.

▻ Serve immediately to avoid oxidation.

✤ Energy mini-bars ✤

If you need an energy booster on the go, these energy mini-bars are perfect for a tea break at work, or as a pre- or post-workout snack. They are also your go-to when you crave something sweet, filling, and satisfying, and will keep you away from unhealthy treats.


∙ 100 g rolled oats

∙ 4-5 dates, pitted

∙ 3 tbsp coconut milk, soft

∙ 1 tbsp maple syrup

∙ 1 tsp wild blueberries powder

∙ 1 tbsp fresh lemon juice

∙ 100g mixed nuts (walnuts, cashews, hazelnuts, etc.), ground

wild blueberries energy bar recipe
Homemade granola bars provide you with a boost of energy on-the-go, without additives and chemicals

How to prepare it?

▻ Preheat oven and gently roast the oats for 10 min, tossing them a couple of times. Take them out and leave them to cool.

▻ Add the dates, coconut milk, maple syrup, and lemon juice into a food processor and blend until smooth. Transfer to a big bowl.

▻ Grind or crush the nuts and add them to the big bowl.

▻ Add the roasted oats and the wild blueberries powder to the bowl and mix well, until homogeneous.

▻ Spread the composition evenly on a tray and press it well, forming a 1-1.5 cm thick layer.

▻ Freeze for 30 minutes, or refrigerate overnight, before cutting into squares or rectangles.

Love it, share it!